It is commonly said - because it's true , primarily - that the treatments for cancer can be more painful and damaging to the psyche than the illness itself. Patients ordinarily are subject to rounds of chemotherapy which is a regimen of powerful drugs combined often with the blasts of radiation and surgery. The effects can be fatigue , weakness , inflammation of the digestive tract and alopecia, or hair loss. It's an exhausting and
deflating experience - and that's apart from the shock and despair
often associated with the illness itself.

There are ways to cope with stress and discomfort. An important
one involves people like I Sharon Grasta the owner of
Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio on 409 Parma Center Rd. Hilton NY.  I say hairdressing and hairstyling are in her blood.  I learned
the skills from my mother. Lucille Russo ,who owned LuRue's Beauty Shop on 496 1/2 Lyell Avenue when that was beautiful for
many years. I'm celebrating my 59 years and will be 60 years in business on June 19,2023.

As people would say about me I am a expressive woman and the
kind of person whose words seem to come in with open arms. I  learned wig making in the 1960's, how to craft styles that look natural when worn. Wigs are only part of her business but to many of the people I help, they are the essential, indispensable part. ''I try to be there when people need me,'' I said I would open
up the studio at off times if she gets call from someone worried about hair who is looking for immediate relief. ''I work with all kinds off people, just not cancer patients.

The experience & sense of understanding I brings matter a lot to those, and their loved ones, who feel cancer has claimed not just , health, but life itself.

        Sharon M. Grasta


Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19, strict safety policies are in effect and apply to EVERYONE.

I cover my styling chair in disposable vinyl. I also wear protective coverings. There is no way an operator could be three feet apart from a client while working, that’s why the client and I are covered.

You will receive foot coverings, vinyl gloves, and a sheer vinyl cape which you will wear out to your car and discard at your convenience.

Temperature will be taken at the door.

No wigs are touched by bare hands.


No pictures taken, but Facetime/Skype accepted.