Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19, strict safety policies are in effect and apply to EVERYONE.

I cover my styling chair in disposable vinyl. I also wear protective coverings. There is no way an operator could be three feet apart from a client while working, that’s why the client and I are covered.  You will receive foot coverings, vinyl gloves, and a sheer vinyl cape which you will wear out to your car and discard at your convenience.

Temperature will be taken at the door.  No wigs are touched by bare hands.  ONLY THE CLIENT IS PERMITTED INSIDE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

No pictures taken, but Facetime/Skype accepted.

My consultation is $40.00 cash- if you purchase there is no charge.  These are all private one on one
consultations that take 11/2 to 2 hours if some one has to bring you they must have to wait in the car or they could be called when we are done . Sorry about this because I take care of a lot
of very sick people as Cancer & very many Autoimmune people &
my studio doesn't want any germs floating.  I also have Hepa Filters running all day I am protecting you as well as I don't
want to here that you have shots because you could still get it.

Thank you for being so considerate.

Reviews & Testimonials

"I have enjoyed working with Sharon Grasta over the years when I needed wigs for my Churchville-Chili Senior High Drama Club theater productions. Sharon has an array of wigs already stocked so I can easily select what I need. In addition to the wigs, she also has the supplies needed to care for and store the wigs properly. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding types of wigs that suit your needs as well as general use and care of them. I have included some photos of my production of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN for which I needed wigs for women and men. My drama club has accumulated an inventory of quality wigs that we will use for future productions.

Thanks, Sharon, for your expertise!"

-Marge Mattioli (Drama Club Advisor, actress, director, acting coach)
“This is the place to come if you need hair, not a wig... Any old wig will make you feel uncomfortable to go out of the house. If you're looking to feel confident and feel like you can go anywhere and no one will know you're wearing a wig, come to Grasta's!

After looking for 2 weeks at other shops, I purchased but still didn't feel confident.  Found the right piece at Grasta's and I feel like I can go anywhere and forget for a short time, I'm a cancer patient.

Beat cancer, while looking great!  Don't worry about your hair, go to Grasta's.”

Janet S. of Virginia Beach, Virginia
 “Dear Sharon, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the effort & experience you put into my hair replacement. It does fit my head properly. Your technique of measuring my head size was so perfect, it was right on point. I had others that had to order and when they came in never fit like this one, you know what you are doing.

It fits my head so comfortably, keeps me warm and I do not even know it's on! I went to work on Monday and my coworkers complimented “I like your hair! What have you done it looks great?” I smiled and said, “I found a new stylist! Thank you. I am so glad I checked in the internet and finally found someone that knew what they were doing, thank you so much for making me so happy again. I feel like a new woman again. I could go out and not feel like I did not want to face the world again.  There is a change in my life, I am being positive again! Also, the color you have picked was perfect. It could not have come any better. No one could tell that I was wearing a crown.

Sharon, you are the best as there is no one like you. That why you are, what you are. I will tell everyone about you. You are very compassionate and understanding.  I just can't say enough about Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio.

I Definitely Will Be Back."

Jay Cohen of Bushnell's Basin     
 "I was introduced to Grasta’s and her wig studio while coordinating my wife's funeral. Grasta's heart is as big as the moon and she helped make my wife be able to be herself in front of everyone one last time. Thank you so very much!"

Michael R. of Brockport, NY
"Thank you for spending so much time with me picking out my wig and encouraging me not to give up.  It's not been easy accepting you are a cancer patient and folks like you can make it easier to get through the touch days.  I love the wig and feel that I can go anywhere and be confident again.  Thanks for being there for me!"

Janet Smith of Greece, NY 
"I would like to also say how very nice Sharon was.  She is a very friendly and knowledgeable person and I enjoyed meeting her.  She could not have been nicer and I really appreciated that.  It is my fault that I did not spend more time trying on more wigs but I  really felt that I was imposing on her for taking so much of her time making up my mind.  If I ever decide to take a chance on another wig in the future, I would definitely go back to her.  Please make sure that you include my positive vote for her in the contest."

Sharon Algeo  of Albion, NY
"I wanted to express my gratitude for a wonderful experience at your shop. Sharon is a great person& offers a amazing selection of hair pieces & wigs in a very private professional setting.  Sharon really cares about the customer & offers a caring fun experience. It was a pleasure working with such a nice lady & I definitely made a friend & would highly recommend her for any of your hair care needs."

Linda of Pittsford, NY   
"I’ve known Sharon Grasta for over a year now – she made me feel beautiful. She knew exactly what would look good on my head. I had been to others, but I felt the others where cheating me & that the hairpieces they were selling me, were not good quality. So I saw an ad for Grasta’s, Sharon place, and I called, made an appointment and what a different world I entered.

Sharon was so kind & understanding and she had lots of hairpieces to choose from. She knew exactly what I needed. I loved her right away because she showed me what was good on me & the ones not good on me. Sharon was always patient with me.
Sharon knows her business and how to make her customers happy. She does not try to sell you just anything like the other salons I had gone too. He was always pushing me to buy. Sharon is a very caring, loving, and kind person. I have recommended her to many, many of my friends to whoever has needed a hairpiece or a wig. Once, I needed a hairpiece right away and she got on the phone & order it and it came the next day. She had to order it from out of town, but still it was here right away. She also ordered the most beautiful wig from this company called Follea . It was named the Gripper Sport. She said, ”Anna you are going to love & enjoy this wig.” When it came in, I fell in love with it. I couldn’t wait to put it on. No one could tell it was a wig. Everyone remarked that my hair was beautiful. When I told them it was a wig, they couldn’t believe it.
Sharon loves her customers and it shows on how wonderful she treats them like family. I salute you Sharon for being there for me & others who need to feel Beautiful & Human again. Thank you so very much!

I Thank God For Finding You For Me – With Much Love,

Appreciation – Keep Up The Wonderful Work! God Bless!"

Mrs Ann M. Colarertalo  
"It's only been one day and I'm already getting so many compliments on my new hair! Thank you so much again!

The most frequent question I'm receiving is what is the name of my wig. I know you said macy (or was it mercy?) but I can't remember what the style was called. A lot of my online friends and supporters from other states (with the same medical conditions as me) are interested in finding something similar.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to meet you and to try on new looks. :)"

Christi Noelle
“Sharon is amazing!!!  So patient and understanding.  Wants to meet your needs and wants to meet them quickly.  She gives her best and tries to come up with ideas and a solution to what is needed.  She puts the customer first and only wants to make them happy.  She goes way above  and beyond for her customers .  You end up leaving there like you have known her forever and she is family. She is very knowledgeable.  My mother had a wig cut 2 prior times and was about to never wear it, when we brought it to Sharon.  She cut it and made it look exactly like my mother needed.  She is the best! THANK YOU SHARON “

Maria Schojan
"Sharon is a wonderful person, very conscientious, very caring, doing the best she can to make you look beautiful. I recommend her to anybody who's interested in wigs."

Rosalind Krebs
From A Very Satisfied New Customer!!

“While I was vacationing and visiting my sister Wig in Rochester N.Y. she had told me about the place in Hilton called Grasta’s Beauty And Wig Studio. This was a particular day I was feeling so down and depressed. I will say no more my sister told me that an appointment was need. Well I called and made one when I got there Mrs. Grasta was very kind to me.

My biggest thanks to Sharon – Again thanks a million, trillion for everything you have done for me & for treating me like a queen. When I came home, I went to my local restaurant that occasionally, Wait staff knows me and they literally were flocking over to me and saying how radiant I looked. Now instead of being so despondent in appearance, they love my new Glam look, I love my new hair and can’t wait to go out more often so I can keep showing it off! I will see you next year Sharon to get another when I visit my sister on my vacation, I can’t say it enough. Thank you! Thank you!”


Vanessa Hernandy of Miami, Florida 
"In my limited experience with other wig salons in the Rochester area, I can say my having Grasta's Wig establishment as my only business in this field has been my best experience.

Sharon Grasta is very knowledgeable in this field and makes you very comfortable and happy with your purchases. I've learned so much about not only buying my wigs, but about myself and she makes you feel so special. I can also say I've made a caring friend in her.

The couple other places I went to were very short visits. They didn't make me feel special at all .. I was just more money coming through the door for them. Since then they've both had to give up working at this. Customers need that special and private treatment that Shar provides.

Along with how she is with everyone who goes to her salon, she has a great selection of quality wigs, etc. I will continue going to her and checking out any new lines she gets in plus going for a friendly chat and cup of coffee. She's a great teacher too and gladly shares what she knows about the care and styling of what you buy besides all about the wig itself.

I can't wait to make an appointment to stop over to her place again to see the new line of hair pieces she's into and maybe add another to my collection. Not only do they serve a medical purpose with my Alopecia problem, but they make me feel so good about myself again. I get so many compliments about how I look and many can't tell it's not my own hair. Thanks again Shar."

Joy Burrell of North Greece, NY  
“A wonderful experience!

I started seeing Sharon in Oct 2007 and have been going to Grasta's ever since. She has been a tremendous help in deciding color and style of each wig and has always been very honest and upfront. There was never a time when I thought she would sell me something just to make a sale. When I brought my first wig she told me exactly how to shampoo, and condition and take care of it. If I had any question at all she said to call which I did and she explained everything to me over the phone. That itself was a tremendous help when you feel so lost about what you are doing.

Sharon has a very big inventory with many styles and colors, which makes it all much easier. Sharon makes buying a wig the easier anything you've ever done.
Thank You Sharon,

You Have Given Me Courage To Fight This!”

Rose of Penfield N.Y
“When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer I went numb and it was either that or give up. My first Wig came from VIA Hospital. There were limited choices & very little time to spend from the staff helping me pick something I didn't want to buy because I was in mental pain. But I got a list from somebody along my cancer adventure and I called and spoke to Sharon Grasta. She was so compassionate, took the time to fit me correctly & took time to cheer me up. It was like visiting a friend.

She makes her clients feel at ease, and takes them into her heart as if they are her own family or friends. She's an expert in matching a face to the proper hair color, style, cutting the advantages of various kinds of wigs. It’s complex! She has so much to choose from and can order anything from wigs and accessories. It’s all there and Sharon never tries to sell you something you don't want or need. Besides her technical knowledge, she has a way of truly caring about her customers from having worked with Sharon for my needs.

Hats off to you Sharon!”        


Barbara V. of Spencerport N.Y
“My daughter Tammy has been treated for two years with Alopecia.

This year the dermatologist told my daughter at 17 years old that she may want to start wearing a wig due to hair loss and stop using extensions. We started to look on the website and consulted with our hairdresser and Sharon’s name came up and was told us that she was on the top of wigs. We made an appointment late January and since then we have purchased three wigs for my daughter.

Sharon is Awesome!! Sharon was so graceful in taken care of my daughter Tammy.  She just loved her and she has so many wigs that Tammy felt like it was dress up time.  Sharon made it feel like fun. There are many colors & she sells Human Hair Remy Front Lace Monofilament Hand Tied and European French Lace that my daughter has purchase and one synthetic. She said, “Mom if I have to live with this dreadful sickness I want to have fun with this.”  So we did with this.

Sharon is a wonderful caring loving person. You feel right at home with her. She not only sells the right wigs, but all products that go with them and the instructions to care for them.  Her studio is a one on one that is NO WALK IN'S.  That's the way it should be when you are having this kind of problem and you don't want anyone to see you, only your Family & best friend. She is a private & discreet studio.

I am so grateful for our hairdresser for leading us to Sharon.  If you ever need a wig for medical or high fashion, I would go to Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio.  You will not be sorry. I will highly recommend Grasta's, always.

I thank you a hundred times!”

Kathy P. of Penfield, NY
 “I am very blessed to have found Sharon! She is not only a dedicated professional, but also kind warm and caring individual.  She welcomes me with a smile and we shared some personal life experiences.  I know that my treatment would result in the loss of my hair, but Sharon was reassuring and comforting and helped me pick out the perfect wig!

Now I feel normal again and everyone I see is astounded that I am wearing a wig and that it isn't my own hair. I thank you Sharon for all your help and I know you will always be considered my friend.
God Bless You Sharon."

Gloria of Brockport, NY
"I was just diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer and knew that I would that.

I would need a wig in the near future. I choose Sharon’s Studio from a list that I had gotten from my oncologist. It was the best choice I could have made. Sharon was wonderful and patient going through dozens of wigs with me. She was honest and didn't try to make me think a wig looked good on me when it didn't. We finally found one that was perfect the cut, color, and style for me. My friends and family couldn't believe it was a wig as it looks so natural.

Thank you Sharon, for helping me through this trying time.  You are an angel for helping people like me.  You are a wonderful lady doing a wonderful job helping others. You are a blessing!
God Bless You Always,”

Melody of Orleans, NY
“For those of you who need a good quality custom wig,  Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio is the place to go.

For many years now I have been going to Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio. My Hair was thin due to age and medication and Sharon Grasta went to the extra mile to help me select a wig that was just the right style, cut & color for me. Experienced and professional, she is always ready to help me feel special and good about myself.

Sharon has become a friend.  I have been to Grasta’s Beauty And Wig Studio for about 25 years and it seems like yesterday.

Sharon You Are Great!”

Linda of Webster, NY
“Great Service, Confidential, Great Quality Products, Helpful, The Best There Is!

I was completely satisfied with the service at Grasta's.  She took care of all my needs and made me feel comfortable and at ease during the whole transaction.  Sharon is very knowledgeable about her craft and sensitive to the needs of her clients and more. I can count on her!”

Cathy B of Clarkson, NY
"The Best Decision I Ever Made!

Grasta's Studio offers the top notch professional service.  Sharon Grasta has a talent experience and sensitivity to make this a Specialty Studio that stands out.”

Beverly of Scottsville, NY
"This business has everything you are looking for in ideal high fashion or medical wigs.  I am a client of Grasta's and there is no question why I would I choose this Wig Studio.  It’s because the owner and the operator has a great personality & extremely knowledgeable of the products available for use on Synthetic Wigs and Human Hair Wigs.  I have purchase 4 wigs & 2 toppers human and I simple adore all of them. They are so beautiful no one knows I am wearing one.

I am always going to be with Sharon she so honest and that's what counts and the quality.

Your Friend Always,"

Audrey C. of Fairport, NY  
“I've had the best experience at the Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio and I am thrilled with the largest selection of wigs and the personal attention I receive from you Sharon! You have made a sad thing so much easy than what I thought it would be. I love you Sharon for taking all the time with me and not rushing - you took a lot of time. The wigs are fabulous and my friends and colleagues refused to believe I was wearing a wig! The prices are very reasonable and the quality is better than what I found in Rochester & Buffalo.   I come from Buffalo and I shop all over and here I found you in Hilton NY, in a little town in a warm studio. You were so great to me Sharon.  You have gone out of your way bending backwards for me and out of your way to accommodate my schedule. I have purchased 4 wigs & two toppers. Well that explains why Grasta's Beauty And Wig Studio has earned the 5 gold star rating.   Sharon keep up the good work, you have earned all of it.

I was very happy to meet the owner and the only operator that will take care of my needs I love that very much. For a business woman to be in business for 50 years it sure shows all of it.  Thank you again for all the years - it has been 15 years I have been going to Grasta’s and it seems like yesterday!”

Michelle of Buffalo NY
"I recently went to Grasta's feeling very nervous and self conscious about my hair. I needed to find a piece that looked as natural as possible. Sharon was excellent! She made me feel very comfortable and she put my mind at ease about wearing a hair piece. I was amazed at the variety of wigs she carried on site!  She took the time to show me how to wear my piece and carefully selected the color that would best match my natural hair tone. I'm very pleased with the piece I received! Thank you Sharon for providing me with a great experience during a difficult time in my life. Should I need another piece I will be visiting Grasta's in the future!"

Courtney R.

This letter is to verify that Sharon Grasta was a Self –Employed outstanding beautician, utilized by the Genesee Hospital.  She worked right by the side of doctors and all of the nurses on staff for these services to our in- patients.  I am not sure of exact dates, but it was in the early 1980’s for approximately four years.

Sharon’s end product was a very satisfactory, as was her interactions with patients, families and staff.  She will be sadly missed.  Sharon’s mother, Lucille K. Russo, substituted for these services when Sharon was unavailable. “


Shirley Reber, RN, Senior VP, Nursing
Genesee Hospital 
 “Dear Sharon:

Better Business Bureau Accreditation status is something to be proud of.  We have over 1,000 companies in our service area that cannot be accredited for any price because of poor business performance based on our standards.

I want to congratulate Grasta’s Beauty and Wig Salon on receiving no complaints in the past three years.  I hope you display the enclosed certificate at your place of business.

We are proud to associate your name with the most trusted name in business.
The Better Business Bureau."


David P. Polino, 
 “Dear Sharon,

Sharon as you know, Linda purchased a Wig from you recently. She just loves the quality and look of the Wig. Your continuous help to guide Linda through the learning of grooming and styling of the Wig has been great! Linda looks like a new person. Thank you for making the experiences so wonderful! Linda wants a second one I think it is going to be the short one. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a hairpiece or a full wig.

Thank You Sharon Again"

Robert S. Yeoman & Linda R. Yeoman, Spencerport, NY

You were so good patient to my 93 year old mother at your shop. Grasta’s Wig Studio is the place to go. I said to pick out a new wig for my Mom. We were so happy with the service. Sharon Grasta, the owner has a wide selection of wigs at reasonable prices. My Mother tried on many wigs in different colors and styles. Showed a lot of patience and encouraged Mom to take her time and until she found the right one. Sharon is very attentive and sensitive to the needs of elderly people. We ended up spending a couple of very enjoyable hours there trying on wigs .Sharon has a great sense of humor and has been in the hair business a long time so you know that you are in good hands. The prices were very reasonable so my mother ending up picking out two wigs. I ended up getting one too! Sharon went on and explained how to put them on and take care of them. She is knowledgeable, fun and a great person. I highly recommend Sharon."

Jane Villard, Hilton, NY
“Dear Sharon,

In January 2008, I started chemotherapy.  During the course of my treatment, I lost my hair.  It was time for a wig; After exploring a few places, I found nothing.  No one had the colors that I wanted, and I was told the other colors suited me just fine.  The styles were not what I wanted.

On the internet I had discovered Grasta’s Beauty & Wig Salon, Sharon Grasta as the owner.  It was a well-worth-it trip to near Rochester, New York.  Sharon was very welcoming and professional.  She had several attractive styles for me to try on in the colour that suits me.  I found exactly what I was looking for.  Sharon explained fully about wig care and the necessary products.   Since then I have kept in contact with Sharon.  She has been very helpful about answering further questions about the care of my wig. I highly recommend Sharon Grasta for a positive experience at a sensitive time."


Nedra Gupta, 
Niagara Falls, Canada
"To Whom It May Concern:

Grasta’s Beauty Shop and Wig Salon made a charitable donation of wigs, hats and wig liners to Gynecologic Oncology Associates. The wigs will be given to patients free of charge.

The total estimated value of the items donated is $2090.00."

Jennifer Interlichia-Markham LMSW
“Dear Sharon:

Thanks again for your efforts and kindness in providing hairdressing service to all off our patients at Lakeside Memorial Hospital. I hope you enjoy your new position at The Village of Park 
Ridge Beauty Salon. We have certainly heard positive comments from patients and the staff regarding both your hairdressing ability and professional demeanor. You will be missed. I will communicate your future unavailability to the staff on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Good luck and my God be with you always."

Mary A. Maher, R.N., M. S. 
Director of Nursing
Lakeside Memorial Hospital, 
Rochester, New York
 “To Whom It May Concern:

I am a vendor out of Monroe Community Hospital.  My name is Jerome C Bufano. I have the Beauty Shope on the fourth floor. Sharon Grasta worked in an elder care facility for 15 years for me dealing with the Chronically Ill in hair care all fields. She was able to maintain a professional level off workmanship under very difficult situations. I would recommend her highly for a position with the elderly and critically ill in any setting she is great."
Respectively Submitted,

Jerome C. Bufano, Rochester, NY
Vendor- Monroe Community Hospital
“Dear Sharon,

Thank you for all you did to help me find a wig. You were kind and professional. I learned much from you and although I did not make use of your services, I appreciated the time you spent and the tips you gave me. You perform a wonderful help for people who need support in a field where they are not comfortable. So again, Thank you!"


Sister A.
 “Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for helping me during this difficult time. Ever since I was first diagnosed with cancer I have felt very afraid and alone. I was instantly horrified about losing my hair with chemotherapy treatment. You made it all ok. I cam into your shop on a one on one basis and was made to feel like a person and not a cancer patient. You gave me personal and private attention. You spent over 2 hours on my first visit to fit me and find a wig that not only looks like my hair, but feels soft and fits comfortably as well. Many of my friends and co-workers have commented on how beautiful my hair looks. I thank you so much for your special attention and your time you have spent with me. You truly offer a service of tremendous value."

Yours truly,

 “I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and had to have a mastectomy. I’ve had four surgeries since then. I also had to face chemo and radiation. One night I was watching TV and saw a piece about Grasta’s Wig Shop. I was not looking forward to losing my hair, so when I called Grasta’s she said she works with many cancer patients and people with hair loss. She sounded so pleasant on the phone, I made an appointment and I was amazed. All appointments are private and one-on-one. She’ll spend as much time with you as needed and makes you feel so comfortable about yourself. The wigs are so natural looking, you say to yourself, that looks like me. She’ll style or cut the wig or whatever it needs. I was very pleased with my purchase. She and I have made a new friendship and keep in touch often. She really cares about the person and their needs."

Carol Cole
“Dear Sharon,

Many thanks for the wonderful wig you helped me choose. Losing my hair was the most devastating part of my treatment. But you made me comfortable in your shop, so that I didn’t have to rush or feel uneasy with all my question. Beyond that, you made it fun with your great sense of humor! I’m enclosing a picture of me with my new short haircut. I am actually enjoying it — not much work, and it’s right in style. Thank goodness for GEL!

Please have a wonderful holiday season.

With sincere appreciation,

Cheri B.

P.S. So far I’m still clear of cancer. I get blood test every 3 months.”

‘’I d like to thank everyone for the wonderful reviews . I do this this with my whole heart and soul I just love this work and it my life It’s,’ my calling. Purchasing a wig or hairpiece is a very personal experience , so in my studio every appointment is private .  No
one will know what you are paying for or that you are wearing a wig or hairpiece. There will  be no walk ins or interruptions , as
at this time is block out for you .Just as a visit to you doctors is all about you and your needs. You will find that same service here at
GRASTA’S  I We provide only top- quality products and top-notch service.

 Sharon M Grasta  (  Russo )
Owner & Operator

Sharon Grasta sold her very first wig at her school had alopecia – an autoimmune condition that results in loss of hair – and her other
School-mats cruelly teased by her. Grasta’s heart ached for her friend .She invited the girllover to her mother’s beauty shop
(Lu Rue’s Beauty Shop on 496 ½ Lyell Ave)  for a home work date. After they finish their homework , the girls played ‘’dress up ‘’
With Sharon mother wig collection  The little girl looked in the mirror and saw a new person with a lovely full head off hair .She went
home that night and told her mother all about Grasta’s kindness . The child’ony and s mother latter went to the beauty shop and paid for the
wig in installments until the  until the girl’s birthday . She told Sharon , ‘’ You made my daughter complete I said thank you .

Sharon mother gave her the money and told her “”Sharon , you just sold your first wig! Grasta’s  kindness and generosity has helped
Countless people over the years feel better about themselves, Today , she owns and operates Grasta’s Beauty And Wig Studio in Parma – Hilton.

While 11 may seem young to start in the beauty business, Grasta’s career actually started much earlier in life . As a young child ,she
would comb the hair on many dolls her father bought for her. When he saw her styling the on one of them, he decided she needed
A real wig to work on. From then on she paid careful attention to the hair and wig styling lessons her mother gave her and she
Eagerly help around the shop by putting the stock that came in the supplies, that took a load from her mother booking appointment’s.