Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19, strict safety policies are in effect and apply to EVERYONE.

I cover my styling chair in disposable vinyl. I also wear protective coverings. There is no way an operator could be three feet apart from a client while working, that’s why the client and I are covered.  You will receive foot coverings, vinyl gloves, and a sheer vinyl cape which you will wear out to your car and discard at your convenience.

Temperature will be taken at the door.  No wigs are touched by bare hands.  ONLY THE CLIENT IS PERMITTED INSIDE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

No pictures taken, but Facetime/Skype accepted.

We offer private one on one
consultations that take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If someone must bring you, they must wait in the car, or they can be called when we are done. Sorry about this because I take care of a lot
of very sick people as Cancer & very many Autoimmune people & people with thinning hair &
my studio doesn't want any germs floating.  I also have Hepa Filters running all day I am protecting you as well as I don't
want to here that you have shots because you could still get it.

Thank you for being so considerate.


Cap Innovations

Heritage Cap TM _  Classic Full Caps
Our traditional cap design is durable and used when the volume is desired in a style. Closed lace material fully covers the crown. Provides natural lift and volume at the crown.

AirCap TM _  Capless Caps
The original capless construction. A lace-free crown with individual wefts that are attached to vertical strips of stretchable nylon. Developed to allow better air ventilation and lighter weight.

HarpCap TM _ Lightweight and Durable Caps
Combining the durability of a full cap and the lightweight wearability of a capless. The weft is attached to a smaller contoured lace material at the crown. The exclusive cap design is used when lighter airy styles are desired.

MonoLuxPlus TM _ Monotops
Each Fiber is hand-knotted onto a sheet nylon mesh base along the entire crown area. This type of shows as a natural crown and allows hair to be styled in all directions desired.

Mono Lux Plus TM _ MonoLuxPlus includes an extra layer of silky material on the underside of the mono portion for added comfort and softness.

MonoEssentials TM _ Partial Mono Parts or Crowns
Monofilament only where absolutely needed . Combines the naturalness of a mono top with the affordability of a machine-made cap . A MonoEssentials Part is a Hand-tied monofilament at the critical part area . A MonoEssentials The Crown is a small section ( usually between 1-2 inches ) of hand tied Monofilament in the critical for a natural appearance 

MonoFusion TM _ Ultimate  Hand-tied caps
This a fusion of the MonoLux crown with a hand-tied base allowing for the most natural movement and is the ultimate in Luxury wigs. Each fiber is hand -knotted onto the entire cape which consists of a soft and flexible net base material and takes over 80 hrs to craft . Includes polyurethane (PU Tab ) ear and nape tabs for Fusion Tape TM, which can be used for additional security. These caps will mold to the shape of your head and wear like your favorite pair of jeans.

RTW LaceFront TH -- Ready-to-Wear Lace Fronts
RTW LaceFront is a natural hairline for styling hair away from the face. Each fiber is hand-knotted to sheer lace material along the front hairline from the temple. RTW LaceFront is applied to all cap types.

UltimateFit the Cap -  Exclusive Exclusive Fit Caps
Our Exclusive Ultimate Cap design features lighter and more stretchable elastic around the entire cap for a more custom fit. This cap will mold to the shape of your head.

Clients this why there are all prices that start at $350.00 & up to thousands they are made off quality and nothing else with each wig there is nothing but the best and very very crafted by skilled stylers.

Thank you from,
Grasta's Beauty and Wig Studio
Owner and Only Operator
Mrs. Sharon M. Grasta (Russo) 


Ambient Fiber

Long Hair

Synthetic and 100% Modacrylic Fiber and Polyester

(can be used with heat up to 325 degrees) 

Short Hair

Synthetic and 100% Modacrylic Fiber and Polyester
For more information concerning wigs and other products, or to schedule your own personalized appointment, please call Grasta's Beauty and Wig Studio at 585-392-7823.