Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19, strict safety policies are in effect and apply to EVERYONE.

I cover my styling chair in disposable vinyl. I also wear protective coverings. There is no way an operator could be three feet apart from a client while working, that’s why the client and I are covered.  You will receive foot coverings, vinyl gloves, and a sheer vinyl cape which you will wear out to your car and discard at your convenience.

Temperature will be taken at the door.  No wigs are touched by bare hands.  ONLY THE CLIENT IS PERMITTED INSIDE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

No pictures taken, but Facetime/Skype accepted.

We offer private one on one
consultations that take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If someone must bring you, they must wait in the car, or they can be called when we are done. Sorry about this because I take care of a lot
of very sick people as Cancer & very many Autoimmune people & people with thinning hair &
my studio doesn't want any germs floating.  I also have Hepa Filters running all day I am protecting you as well as I don't
want to here that you have shots because you could still get it.

Thank you for being so considerate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair a wig of my own not purchased from you?
     No, I do not.
What kind of Wigs do you sell?

The Studio has all Caucasian Wigs I want to make that clear & I don't sell any Men's Wigs

If I am a retired Armed Forces member, will I get reimbursed?

I offer the Armed Forces Retired Veterans & Spouses Veterans you would pay me full payment for the wig & supplies & after that I will give you a paper that will state on it saying Cranial Prosthesis scrip to hand your Doctor . Then he will then give you a prescription that will say about the explanation . Please get two one for a AU11 for the New York State Audit Department & one for the Arm Forces. They should contact Tricare for Life or Champs for the offices at there Prescriptions & they will help with full amount of the wig & supplies as what if they were being taken there own medicine as they would be prescribed.  I know because I am a wife of a Military Retired husband and a Cancer Survivor I definitely know the trauma of what this is.

Do you assist cross dressers?

Yes, of course!
Do you assist Transgender?

Yes, of course!
Do you take wigs of any kind to give to someone in need?

No I do not, but you could donate them to a half way house like Mary's house that is at the old Holy Rosary or please go to the Volunteers of America for donation.
Do I need an appointment or can I just drop by?

Yes, you must call and book an appointment, as we value our client's privacy and provide professional, confidential consultations.
How quick is your turnaround when working with funeral homes?

I could get the wigs overnight as I have quite a large assortment of wigs! I ask the clients to please send me an email of their loved ones and I will match that with their loved one's style . I work very quickly with the client and funeral home hairdresser to ensure it will be completed in time for the showing.
Can I order a wig through your site and have it mailed to me?

We do not mail out orders. It is important that you come to my shop to ensure that you are fitted correctly.
What is your return policy?

Since all of our wigs are in the shop, we spend time making sure you are happy and have made the right choice, so all sales are final.
Would my health insurance cover any of the cost for a wig due to medical purposes?

Yes, we accept some insurances.  Please contact your insurance company as the amount of coverage vary by policy.  I honor all armed services insurance as well.
Is any of this tax-deductible?

For Cancer patients there may be some deductions.  Please contact your doctor or tax agent for more information on this.
How much do wigs cost?

My wigs are the highest quality, and my name is in the label. If you are looking for an inexpensive wig, I would suggest you go to a Flea Market, a Dollar Store, or Volunteers of America where you can find inexpensive wigs. Or check out the catalogs that come to your door with only an operator to help you. I have been in business for over 50 years, offer professional, personalized, and confidential service along with the highest quality product.
How long does it take for a custom wig to be made?

Call and ask for more information.
When I come for my appointment to buy a wiglet should my hair have a fresh dye of the color I want it to be?

Yes, it is important to have your hair the right color so I can match it during your appointment.
Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes, we do!
Are the insides of all the wigs the same?

No, there are different make ups for the insides of wigs. The quality of the make up will affect the price of the wig. See some photos and information below:
Cap information