Covid-19 Policy

Due to Covid-19, strict safety policies are in effect and apply to EVERYONE.

I cover my styling chair in disposable vinyl. I also wear protective coverings. There is no way an operator could be three feet apart from a client while working, that’s why the client and I are covered.  You will receive foot coverings, vinyl gloves, and a sheer vinyl cape which you will wear out to your car and discard at your convenience.

Temperature will be taken at the door.  No wigs are touched by bare hands.  ONLY THE CLIENT IS PERMITTED INSIDE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

No pictures taken, but Facetime/Skype accepted.

We offer private one on one
consultations that take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If someone must bring you, they must wait in the car, or they can be called when we are done. Sorry about this because I take care of a lot
of very sick people as Cancer & very many Autoimmune people & people with thinning hair &
my studio doesn't want any germs floating.  I also have Hepa Filters running all day I am protecting you as well as I don't
want to here that you have shots because you could still get it.

Thank you for being so considerate.


I am here for you!

I have been under the administration of many facilities. I have worked in the Brockport Hospital back in 1985.  The head of Nursing wrote a review about me & it was so lovely!  I also worked at the Greater Rochester Hospitals as well as Monroe Community Hospital. I was the Assistant Manager in their Beauty Salon. Again, another wonderful review from the salon. I also went to the floors where there were very critical cases. There was not one I didn’t help. That’s why when I mention I want everyone that steps foot in my establishment to abide with my stipulations or they will not enter.

This virus is not going away. It is here to stay.  Please don't waste my time. If you want, please call another studio, I would not mind. Many times I had to cover up when working at the hospitals and believe me I was very happy they are like that. I've worked in the hospital field since the 1970’s to 2010 and believe me it is scary. I'm amazed that I didn’t catch any disease. I am so grateful for all those that are working in the hospital for all of us!

Also, I was busy having two studios to run & helping my Mother with her salon, LuRue's Beauty Salon at Lyell Avenue. I worked side by side with the nurses, doctors and surgeons by bedside. I took care of the ill by doing their hair which is not easy. I had to pick them up and help them lean on a pillow so they could get their hair wet or cut their hair.

This is not easy, but my love for people will take the pain.  I worked long hours and I was on call at my own studio. I was not able to take walk in's because when the hospitals would call I would have to go.

My base hospital was Rochester General and I was on call with a beeper. Many people requested the service to shave their loved ones hair before their operation because they were having brain cancer & did not know if they were going to make it and they wanted to give that to the funeral parlor. Some people did not want to get a wig & here I own a wig studio. I had to get to the hospital at 6:00 A.M.  That was one I will never forget!

I have seen it all. This kind of work our nurses & doctors do daily and Covid adds work in this field! I also ran the beauty Village of Park Ridge in the 1990 for three years, Grand Ville Home for the Aging on Maiden Lane, Beauty Shop, Saint John's Home.

I will say this again... I am taking care of my own clientele to prevent any spread of this Covid-19 Virus and any kind of disease. That's why I will have stipulations to protect my customers & my family.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

 Grasta’s Beauty And Wig Studio
Owner & Operator
Sharon M Grasta