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Sharon_in_the_Shop.jpgAt Grasta’s Beauty & Wig Studio, we treat every customer like our only customer. We want you to receive the undivided attention you deserve while selecting wigs and headpieces. Our wig shop is open by individual appointment only to ensure a personalized experience every time. We welcome stylists and patients to call with questions about hair loss, or to inquire about our many products, supplies, and wigs for cancer patients.

Let us match you with the most beautiful wigs possible 
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“I at Grasta’s Beauty and Wig Studio”

I will strive to give you the best service and products at the best price.
I will never “sell” you something you don’t need.
I will give you as many choices as possible and explain the pros and cons of each, so you get the   most value for your money.
I will do my best to treat you the way I would want to be treated, with honesty and respect, (and a sense of humor when needed).


Finally, I won’t stop until we are both satisfied that my service to you was right and to your satisfaction.
That is how Grasta’s Beauty and Wig Salon became the BBB A++ Accredited Business Member!
Thank you for your patronage,
Owner & Operator
— Sharon M. Grasta





Reasons for Hair Loss

  1. Having a Child (many women experience this)
  2. Thyroid
  3. Stress
  4. Alopecia
  5. Shock
  6. Head Injury that affects the main nerve from the spine to the head
  7. Change of Life
  8. Chemo
  9. Radiation
10. Iron Deficiency
11. Major Surgery
12. Chronic Illness 

Alopecia Signs –

For Males, it usually starts with one bald spot. Females who are affected usually see spots in clusters, which generally appear on the head near the ear bone to the temple.
Sometimes after operations the body is in shock. Hair has been known to thin or fall out.
In some cases it can take six months to two years for your body to readjust.
When hair loss becomes a problem, give me a call. I have been a hairdresser since 1963 and a shop owner of six studios all across Rochester.
I have experience with a number of Alopecia cases. When you come my studio, you will be in a private and discreet setting with a personal one-on-one appointment.  And when we say closed appointment, we mean it! You will not just have a booth and a drawn curtain as others might advertise.
I understand this is a very personable and touchy subject. It is all about you and your life. No one else should have to know what you are going through, however, we encourage you to bring a friend, sister, daughter, or husband. I would suggest you bring no more than one, because it might get confusing for you.
I also work with you as your hairdressing consultant to make sure that you are pleased every time. Our wigs are such high quality, that nobody will ever know that you are wearing a wig!
I have even worked with my clients, recommended and sometimes made appointments with local doctors and dermatologists, helping them with understanding and treat their conditions. This all happens while they are in my chair, at their request, of course.
Maybe it is because I have had my hospital training since 1960, or maybe it is just my personality, but I can promise you that I am very different than other shops around and I certainly care for your well being.

 Moving Forward  

Sharon believes in “hands on” care for her customers and all appointments are private so that she can tend to the needs of her clients. Her shop carries a wide variety of wigs, wiglets, turbans, scarves, and caps for women, children, and men. Samples of products are on premises, and are the latest styles and cuts. Sharon is very aware of the trauma that patients feel when they need hair replacements and still want to look stylish.